Seeing things in a different perspective

We all see things differentlty,what do we see that makes things so unique and out of the ordinary. When we focus like a camara focuses on a object what pops up in are minds what makes us remeber it? How do we define things and see the true beuty the real deal.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hey its just me sitting in this big room, with nobody but me myself and I. Not one sound heared from anyother people suroundig just the heart heavy songs im playing and blaring. I sometimes like it like this well i like it like this alot because i write and write and write nonstop about anything and everything. sometimes i sit and read or lie on my back and look up at the ceiling and think and process everything that hasnt sometimes it all never does but i try. today was one of those days that as soon as you wake up out of bed in the morning you just wanna crawl right back in curl in a ball and cry. so im right now in my room door locked and writting i dont plan on coming out anytime soon. its going to be a long week..

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  1. I stopped by to visit. We have a common interest. Though I did not become a doctor, I am a medical assistant by trade. I once worked for an prominent OB GYN doctor here in Colorado. I learned a lot under his guidance. He thought I would go on a do something greater within the field, but I never did.

    Instead I majored in messing my life up! Laughter!

    I am doing well at this point. I believe in me. My spiritual life is on the mends, and my ability to focus is growing stronger.

    My prayers and thoughts will be with you.