Seeing things in a different perspective

We all see things differentlty,what do we see that makes things so unique and out of the ordinary. When we focus like a camara focuses on a object what pops up in are minds what makes us remeber it? How do we define things and see the true beuty the real deal.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Long Day

Today was a very long day doctors appts all day. I found out my surgery is on wed next wed to be exact i am super nervous because if it doesnt work they have to do a more complicated procedure in which they have to cut open my bladder. Im crossing my fingers and hoping for the best im a little skeptical about this procedure because it hasnt been out that long so theres not many years of long term effect maybe 5 if that. And theres complications just like every other procedure but my biggest worry is it not working. Im in alot of pain lately but im trying to stay strong.

hmmm can i do that????? Can I Stay Strong????? I don't know but i guess all I can do is try..

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