Seeing things in a different perspective

We all see things differentlty,what do we see that makes things so unique and out of the ordinary. When we focus like a camara focuses on a object what pops up in are minds what makes us remeber it? How do we define things and see the true beuty the real deal.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Broken Relationships..

We've all been in that relationship were things just aren't working out.
Or The person your with loves you from head to toe and you don't feel the same
way about them or vice versa. The question is what do we do? Do we stay in the relationship
for all the wrong reasons or because we don't want to be alone. Or do we just break it off
it's a hard decision because people don't like to be alone or there afraid of being alone.
If your gonna break it off with your other your worried of how they feel and even though you want to break it off your still gonna feel bad especially women not saying that it's not hard for men I'm just saying it's hard for women to even harder. Your afraid of what they will say and how broken they will be. But you just want a relif because even though you may be breaking there heart, your not keeping them with you for all the wrong reasons your setting them free so they can go and have an equally loving relationship and so can you. It might be one of the hardest things to do but just do it for the right instead of staying for the wrong.

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